Which Is The Best Credit Card In Dubai? 

Which Is The Best Credit Card In Dubai? 


Credit cards are payment cards that enable cardholders to pay merchants. They have no specific limits for the amount they can spend, and state laws do not regulate interest rates. This article will explore some of the best credit cards in Dubai. We will also learn about the minimum payments required on credit card debt and how the interest rates on credit cards are not tied to state laws.

Mashreq Platinum Elite

The platinum elite credit card from Mashreq Bank offers a wide range of lifestyle benefits. For example, users can enjoy five times the number of Salaam points for every AED spent on the card, which can be redeemed instantly for discounts and benefits. Other perks include free access to fitness centres and eight complimentary airport lounge visits a year. Moreover, members enjoy exclusive discounts and offer on various purchasing items.

Emirates Ultima

The Emirates Ultima credit card is a great way to travel worldwide. The card comes with exclusive benefits and offers, such as the ability to earn the highest skywards miles earning rate. This allows you to save AED 50,000 a year by using your card. The card also offers a signup bonus of AED 1,500 in statement credits.

Citi Cash Back

The Citi Cashback credit card is a great option for the average UAE resident looking for a credit card with cashback rewards. The card offers unlimited cashback on non-AED purchases, 2% cashback on groceries, and 1% cashback on everything else. There’s no minimum spending requirement or redemption process, and you can start earning rewards right away! As a bonus, cardholders enjoy free access to airport lounges worldwide. Plus, they can enjoy discounts at select restaurants in UAE.

Mashreq Cashback

The Mashreq Cashback credit card offers a variety of benefits, including a low-interest rate, free cashback for the entire year, and a balance transfer facility. Many credit cards offer this feature, but be aware that you may be charged a balance transfer fee. The cashback feature is a great way to save money and protect yourself and your family in a disaster.

CBD Super Saver

The CBD Super Saver credit card offers users various rewards and privileges. For example, the card offers cashback on different retail spend categories, discounts at cinemas, free valet parking, and discounts at Emaar entertainment. However, you will have to meet certain requirements before enjoying these benefits.