Event Ideas To Steal Today

Event Ideas To Steal Today


When planning an event, there are many things you need to know. For example, an event for 50 people requires a different space than one for 500. You’ll also need to factor in parking and public transportation. Insurance and liability rules are also important considerations. Event planning is a time-consuming task; however, you can reduce stress by hiring event companies in UAE. Here we will share some great ideas to help you make your event memorable.

Countdown clocks:

Countdown clocks are a popular way to show time and count down to a special date. This kind of clock can be programmed to display several years, months, days, or any combination. The clock can also display the time, day of the week, and date. It also has a daily alarm and runs on AAA batteries.

Retro video games:

If you’re into retro video games, you know that they can get pricey. Many factors can affect the price of a retro game, including its age, condition, and potential unscrupulous sellers. Here are some tips to help you get a steal on some of your favorite games.

First, look for a gaming console that offers retro games. Many people enjoy playing the classic games that they grew up with. These consoles have built-in games from the past, bringing back some great childhood memories.


While pop-up shops tend to be smaller than traditional retail spaces, they can still be an effective way to drive traffic and boost sales. These pop-up shops can feature a collection of items that are not available elsewhere, or they can feature limited-edition products or celebrity collaborations.

Pop-ups can be fun and exciting. They can be roamable, allowing consumers to see products in action before making a purchase. They also help build brand recognition. Consider using staff uniforms to coordinate with the aesthetics, if possible.

Retro photo booths:

A retro photo booth adds a vintage feel to your event without breaking the budget. You can buy a vintage telephone booth from online stores or hire a professional stylist to construct a replica from scratch. The backdrops can be made from old doors or thick paper with a custom design. This booth type is fun and exciting and will add character to your photos.