Different Types Of Visas Offered By Kenya

Different Types Of Visas Offered By Kenya


Kenya is an ideal destination for tourists and travelers looking for a new adventure. The country has many benefits that visitors can enjoy. Firstly, it is inexpensive. The country also has an established tourism infrastructure. Most national parks are well-maintained, and the roads are paved. You can also easily get around in a taxi or use a motorbike taxi. Kenya evisa offers different types of visas for different purposes. Some types are transit visas, single entry permits, and diplomatic, official, and service visas. Learn more about the types of visas available for visiting Kenya.

Diplomatic, official, service, and courtesy visas:

Kenya offers several types of visas, including diplomatic, official, service, and courtesy visas. These are issued to foreigners on official duty in Kenya or transiting through the country on official business. The applicant must have a valid travel document with at least one blank page in their passport and an official letter from the country of origin explaining why they are visiting. The applicant must also have a boarding pass or onward ticket.

These types of visas are intended for people who visit Kenya several times a year or need a visa for a specific event. They can be issued for six months or a year, depending on the purpose of the trip. Applications are processed at the Department of immigration headquarters in Nairobi. These visas are easy to obtain and process and are perfect for short visits to Kenya.

Transit visa:

The transit visa is a special visa issued to visitors connecting to Kenya from another country. This visa allows you to stay for 72 hours and leave the country. It is only required if you travel on business, tourism, or health. To apply for this visa, you must have a valid passport with at least one blank page. It is also important to remember that a transit visa is not necessary if you are traveling to Kenya for official duties since you will not be leaving the airport.

Single-entry permit:

Kenya offers several different visa types. Single-entry permits are available for tourists who only need to visit the country once, while multiple-entry permits are issued for frequent visitors who require a longer stay. Both types require the applicant to have a valid passport and a valid return air ticket before traveling. Additional documents will also need to be uploaded based on the visa type. For instance, if you are going on business, you must attach a letter of invitation from a Kenyan company and a copy of the company registration documents.