Top 10 Ways to Build Quality Backlinks

Building backlinks are one of the most important things if you want to get your website or blog ranking in Google search results. Backlinks are like a vote for your website. So the more votes you have, the more popular you must be. That is why they are so important. So let’s go over a list of the top 10 ways to build quality backlinks.

Top 10 Ways to Build Backlinks

    1. Blog Commenting – This is one of the most popular ways of building backlinks to your website. You simply leave a comment on a blog with a link back to your website. Just make sure not to spam website. Always leave quality content.


    1. Article Submissions – This is when you submit your article to article directories. There are millions of them out there. The best way is to focus on the High PR Article Directories.


    1. Social Bookmarking – This is when you submit a URL to a social bookmarking site. Not only does it give you a very high quality backlink, but you could potentially get lots of traffic if your submissions becomes popular and gets pushed to the front page.


    1. Social Media– These are sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Try to have your blog or website automatically submit your new content when you create it. Google is taking Social Media Sharing into consideration more and more every day.


    1. EDU Backlinks – These websites carry extra authority because they are education related. If you can get a few quality backlinks from these types of domains it could dramatically increase your rankings.


    1. Exchange Backlinks – This one is really simple. You find some other website or blog in your niche and then offer to exchange backlinks. They are looking for backlinks just as much as you are.


    1. Topical Pages – These are awesome backlinks because the domain PRs are so high on these types of sites. These include sites like squidoo and hubpages. Make sure to create these relevant to your niche as well. 구글상위노출


    1. RSS Feeds – Many people over look these. Always make sure to submit your RSS feeds to as many feed directories as you can. The more you have out there the better.


    1. Guest Posting – This has became a huge way of gaining backlinks because you are also potentially gaining lots of traffic and new customers. When you Guest Post on someone’s blog you are positioning yourself as an expert.


  1. Quality Content – There is no better way to create better high quality backlinks than creating quality content. Make sure to create high quality content that people will WANT to link too. Make them have to share it because the post or site is great.


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