Some Of The Cool Features Of The Samsung Galaxy M01 Smartphone


The Samsung Galaxy M01 is one of the most sought after handsets from Samsung. Ever since its launch, the device has impressed many users due to its unique features, namely the excellent graphics, high performance for a low cost, long battery life and the ease of use. Samsung has continued to add innovative features to this handset to make it even more attractive and desirable among users. There are a number of Samsung Galaxy Siders available in the market, but the Samsung Galaxy M01 is by far the best selling model. samsung galaxy m01

In late August the Samsung Galaxy M01 was announced, along with the new samsung galaxy tab S, which sported the same design as the S model. Although there were a number of positive comments about the S model, the Galaxy M series retained the popularity with the consumers. However, the release of the Samsung Galaxy M01 caused much disturbance among the Galaxy S enthusiasts all over the world. The main reason behind this is the drastic cut on the price, which was done in order to clear the space for the new handset.

The Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with a high-end mobile phone features including a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive display, a large multi-touch keyboard, an infrared camera, an eye-catching wallpaper, and a high-end quad-core mobile processor. It comes with a high-end, power saving Android operating system. It also comes with a number of features like a large, clear, bright screen, which makes viewing of the web pages interesting, a fantastic music player, an excellent built-in video player, and several other features. Even though the phone comes with a powerful hardware, it does not have any appealing hardware or software to speak of. This aspect could be said to be the biggest drawback of the Samsung Galaxy M01. Even after using it for a couple of weeks, users are not very happy with this handset.

Samsung Galaxy M01 has a very impressive imaging chip with a resolution of 13 megapixels, but it fails to impress with its camera performance. The main reason behind this is the heavy and big camera lens, which is not easy to use for taking photos. Moreover, the dual rear camera setup of the Samsung Galaxy M01 is also not able to take quality images. With such problems, the users of this handset are unable to take professional photographs. In order to reduce the inconvenience levels, the Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with software such as FlipShare Video Screen which simplifies the usage of the camera.

Apart from that, the Samsung Galaxy M01 is loaded with several innovative features, which further enhance the fun quotient of the gadget. One of the most interesting features available with the Samsung Galaxy M01 is the Screen Shot (aka screen capture) feature, which allows the users to capture their screen instantly with the help of a digital camera or any other micro camera. There is an extensive list of screensavers present in the Samsung Galaxy M01, which can be easily selected as per one’s requirement. In fact, there are even more such features, which enhance the fun quotient of the gadget.

Another interesting aspect about the Samsung Galaxy M01 smartphone is the excellent voice quality recording feature. With the help of the Voice Record feature, the user can record his own voice. The voice recording quality has been improved with the introduction of Samsung’s Dual Audio Wave technology, which aids in double the clarity. The second feature, which is worth mentioning is the high resolution pictures and videos. The pictures and videos captured by the Samsung Galaxy M01 are much better than the ones captured by the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro and Nokia E71. The high resolution pictures and videos can be easily enjoyed on the Samsung Galaxy M01 smartphone even on the internet.

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