Transmission Maintenance – The 5 Most Common Questions You Should Ask Your Mechanic

Transmission Maintenance - The 5 Most Common Questions You Should Ask Your Mechanic


Transmission maintenance is important to the life of your car, and it’s especially important for cars with automatic transmissions. The fluid inside these units can become dirty and contaminated over time. This leads to a reduction in the transmission’s lubrication ability. It’s, therefore, important to have the fluid changed frequently. If you are worried about transmission maintenance, here are some important questions you should ask a mechanic about ford repair & transmission maintenance.

Transmission fluid is a translucent red color

If you’re concerned that your transmission fluid is old or deteriorating, you should replace it as soon as possible. Translucent red transmission fluid indicates new or like-new fluid. Performing transmission flushes regularly will help maintain the bright red color and reduce the chance of any transmission problems. Even if your transmission fluid is light brown, it’s still important to flush it regularly. It’s important to flush the transmission fluid every 50,000 miles or so.

It should never burn off

It is important to change your transmission fluid regularly. Over time, transmission fluids will become dirty and contaminated. For this reason, it is recommended that you exchange the transmission fluid at least every 30,000 miles.

It can enter the radiator

A radiator is an important part of the cooling system, which circulates water to cool down the engine and release heat to the outside air. The coolant will overheat the engine when the radiator leaks or becomes clogged with debris. This can damage the engine and set off the check engine light. To prevent this, you should check the engine coolant and transmission fluid to ensure there is no contamination.

It can leak

Leaks in your transmission can signal that something needs to be fixed. Some common indicators include clunking noises while shifting, oil spots on the garage floor, and engine oil on the pavement. If you suspect your transmission leaks, the best solution is to take your car to a professional auto repair facility for inspection and repair.

It can get clogged

You may need to get your transmission serviced if you have transmission trouble. A clogged filter in the transmission fluid can cause a whining sound and prevent the shift from engaging properly. The noise may also be accompanied by hesitation in reverse.