The Best Dessert Recipes For Summers That Require Only Two Ingredients 

The Best Dessert Recipes For Summers That Require Only Two Ingredients 


Most people think that sweets and desserts are the same. However, the major difference is in how they are eaten or served. For instance, candies can be eaten anywhere, but desserts need to be savored and are generally consumed after a meal like pastries, ice-creams and cakes. Try some of these easy dessert recipes if you are ready for a sweet treat. You’ll find some that require only two ingredients! Find here the right dessert delivery in Dubai to order your best needs.

Cookies and cream:

If you’re looking for a rich dessert recipe that tastes like your favorite treat, cookies and cream are the way to go. This decadent dessert is made with cream cheese, delicious cookies, and cream filling. To make it even creamier, add a layer of cool-whip. Then, top with more crumbled cookies and drizzled fudge sauce.

Banana tartan:

A classic dessert has taken a tropical twist by adding bananas to its filling. This tart is traditionally made with apples, but the addition of bananas makes the recipe a little more unusual. The bananas are baked in a pastry dough that encloses the filling and makes it easier to eat.

Lemon-orange chiffon cake:

Lemon-orange chiffon cake has a light, fluffy texture and contains citrus flavors. It’s one of the best dessert recipes for summer and will keep well in the freezer for up to three months. Lemon chiffon cake is an elegant dessert that will impress your guests.

No-bake key lime cheesecake:

No-bake key lime cheesecake is a delicious and easy dessert to make at home. To make this easy dessert, first prepare the crust. For this, you will need almond flour and cinnamon. Add sugar substitute to get the proper sweetness, then add gelatin to stabilize the filling. Cream cheese is also essential to make the cheesecake taste creamy and rich. You will also need key limes, which give it a citrusy flavor.

Oreos crumb crust:

If you’ve tried making a delicious crumb-crust dessert, you know it takes more than melted butter. To make an Oreos crumb crust, you first have to prepare the Oreos. These cookies vary in size and texture, and you may want to experiment with different brands. To make the perfect crust, combine melted butter and Oreos, scraping the mixture with a spatula to make it uniform. Next, use your fingers to press the Oreo crumbs into a firm crust.

Peach-bourbon upside-down bundt cake:

Peach-bourbon upside-down cake is a healthy dessert that pairs perfectly with fresh peaches. This boozy treat is made with fresh or canned peaches, bourbon, and a bundt pan.