Complete Insight Into Medical Mattresses

Complete Insight Into Medical Mattresses

ncreasing demand for medical mattresses is attracting producers from non-medical industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the global demand for a medical mattress in UAE, and the demand is expected to increase further. This article will give you an insight into the various types of mattresses available, including foam, innerspring, and hybrid beds.

Air mattresses:

Medical-grade air mattresses are fire-resistant and waterproof. They meet medical and federal guidelines for safety and can be used in hospitals and at home. These mattresses must have fire-retardant chemicals and withstand a flame for 60 seconds. In addition, these mattresses are designed to reduce pressure on patients’ skin and the risk of pressure sores and ulcers.

Foam mattresses:

Medical foam mattresses are an excellent solution for those requiring a bed designed to reduce pressure and discomfort. Bedridden patients are often at risk of pressure ulcers and other health conditions caused by excessive pressure on the body. Pressure-reducing foam mattresses are designed to eliminate these problems by distributing weight evenly over a larger contact area. In addition, they provide a high level of comfort and support.

Innerspring mattresses:

Medical innerspring mattresses are popular for people with back pain or chronic aches and pains. They are made with a combination of premium-grade cotton and high-density urethane foam.

Hybrid mattresses:

A hybrid medical mattress comprises one or more types of foams. The bouncy feel of a hybrid bed makes it easy to adjust your position. The firmness level depends on your weight and sleeping position. Some hybrid beds have contouring to relieve pressure points.

Firm borders:

Firm borders on a medical mattress are important to ensure the patient’s comfort and minimize movement restrictions. Fortunately, there are several options available. One option is a medical mattress with foam edges. These are comfortable and durable, and they are also inexpensive. Other options include steel border rods, which may be uncomfortable and prone to bending.

Firm borders prevent falling out of bed:

For people with disabilities, firm borders on their medical mattresses can prevent them from rolling out. These can be easily put up when needed and help the patient get in and out of bed. Some models have built-in bedrails. The siderails are especially helpful in helping people with dementia avoid falling out of bed. They may feel imprisoned if they cannot roll over and may try to climb over the rails.