5-Step Meal Planning Tricks You Need To Start Following

5-Step Meal Planning Tricks You Need To Start Following


Planning meals ahead of time is an excellent way to reduce the amount of food you waste. Often, when we buy food without a plan, it just sits in the fridge or the cupboard until it goes bad. Planning meals helps us know exactly what we need to buy and how much we need, resulting in less food waste. If you are not familiar with the meal planning process, you can get help from healthy meal plans delivery in Dubai.

Prepare meals ahead of time:

Preparing meals ahead of time is a great way to save time and money. You should prepare enough meals to last for a week or more. Meal prep also helps keep food fresh by storing it properly. Food that is left out for too long can spoil and become wasted. Label the foods you prep ahead of time and store them in a cool place. Rotate the containers regularly so that the oldest ones are on top.

Make a list of ingredients:

When meal planning, make a list of ingredients. Choose ingredients that are seasonal, on sale, or readily available at your home. This list should include at least 4 vegetables and 3 protein sources. You can also include whole grains and starchy vegetables.

Include wild cards:

Incorporate wild cards in your 4-step meal planning process to create more flexible options. For example, you can write a menu and include an option to order pizza. Another option is to create a menu that suits everyone in your family, including those with food allergies. You can even substitute gluten-free noodles for lasagna if you are allergic to gluten.

Make a grocery list:

Keeping a grocery list is essential for meal planning success. It will allow you to ensure you have the right items for every meal. The list will be helpful when creating a weekly shopping list and will also let you know which items are out of stock or low in supply. Having a list makes shopping faster and more efficient.

Plan meals based on ingredients:

Having a plan for your weekly meals is a good idea. Meal planning helps you save money and avoid buying food you already have. The trick is to pick two or three priorities. Write them down and check them twice. Then, check your fridge and pantry to see what you have on hand.