Barack Obama’s Horoscope Analysed Based on KP Astrology (Advanced Vedic Astrology) Principles

You are our pioneer, the adventurer, someone that is drawn to explore, bring to the physical realm what hasn’t been discovered yet. You are not our maintainer, you are a project person. Leave you there too long and you just might destroy what you just created. Why? You have both Rama, the creator energy flowing through you as well as Shiva, the destroyer energy.

And you do erupt, belch or blurt like a volcano that’s ever so pure, but needs a lot of polishing usually before introduced to those that are more politically correct. Let’s hope you’ve learned to surround yourself with other pioneers whose job it is to lead us to the future. Otherwise, you could feel too rejected to advance forward and blow yourself up inside trying to hold down your energies and make yourself acceptable to those that like things just as they are.

Energies: Will energy expressing itself as creation and Manifestation energy expressing itself as survival.

Will Energy

Will energy in its purest form is creation, but often Will must destroy old outdated unworkable forms before the new can emerge. Think of Madame Pele, the Volcano Goddess of Hawaii, destroying everything in her path as she belches her hot lava of new creation; then you’ll understand Will energy and what flows through you. You’re a catalyst, when you walk into the room or someone’s life, change occurs without your needing to utter a word.

Manifestation Energy

Manifestation energy is the second energy that flows through an Aries. What begins as creation with Will Energy must be brought into the physical realm, with a strength that will ensure that it survives and not blown away with the wind. Again, think of the hot lava of a volcano, which is hot liquid but then hardens into a very strong solid form. Or another analogy that is often associated with Aries; Manifestation Energy is a raw diamond that definitely needs buffed up to see its sparkle and its value.

Virtues: Courage, Creative, Destructive and Intuitive.

Virtues are your intrinsic worth, your essence, your qualities that propel you into action, into situations, and to people and consciousness that need your energies.


You have the ability to face danger without being overcome by fear. Sometimes it is only after the fact that you realize the danger you personally faced.


From the intuitive, outside of the physical realm, you bring into existence new ideas, new creations. Or you look at what already has been created and envision the next step or steps to take.


You are called into action to destroy that which is causing harm, whether it be a person, an ideology, a culture, a belief system; anything literally that is imprisoning spirit.


When you are intensely connecting with something or a person seeking a solution, out of nowhere it seems, answers just come to you with a force that you cannot deny and must implement.

Vices: Too forceful, Rejection of Self, Justifies, Hard to complete things.

Too Forceful

There’s a learning curve to anything new and sometimes you use Will Energy that’s way too strong for the intended result. The innocent can be hurt, even though that’s not your intention. leo horoscope

Rejection of Self

You are your own worse critic, hard on yourself and inflict hurt on your own body to try to make up the damage you caused to someone else.


You come up with excuses to pacify people while you continue ahead with what you feel compelled to do.

Hard to Complete Things

You could say you are like an idea factory, constantly spurting out another new idea or direction. And sometimes it is very difficult for you to complete what you are doing, as you are already pulled to the new.

All your vices have the potential to become virtues as you go through life’s experiences. Keep on reflecting once you are on the other side of the situation.

Relationship Compatibility

Certainly you want to surround yourself with pioneers like yourself. Leos are pioneers that will take many of your ideas and test them out to see which ones are practical and will be beneficial. Leos can stand up to you.

Capricorns are strong like you, and will weigh back and forth what you want to do, causing you to slow down until you have all the pieces in place. Capricorns are your natural maintainer and will help you turn your ideas into money.

Sagittarians are also futurists, but naturally want to please others and find ways to say things with humor.

Taurus is another maintainer, and can ground your strength, your energy. And Taurus will immediately begin polishing the raw diamonds that you bring into manifestation, so others can see your beauty.


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