A Review of the RealMe GT Master Edition – An Excellent mid-range Smartphone


If you’re looking for an excellent text message marketing (text message) software solution and don’t want to pay a lot of money, then the RealMe GT may be a good choice for you. But before you buy the RealMe GT, you might want to read some reviews or find out what others think of the product. The RealMe GT is not your ordinary text messaging program. It’s more than that. It also includes a smart phone companion application which allows you to send and receive text messages from your phone using any compatible cell phone. realme gt master edition

The RealMe GT offers a sleek, streamlined look that makes it very easy to use, and comes in two versions: the RealMe GT Basic and the premium RealMe GT Master Edition. The basic model runs on a lithium ion battery, which offers up to sixty minutes of talk time while the master edition offers a ruggedized lithium ion battery that can last up to one week. The phone’s front camera and built-in image processing system are both supported by a 10 megapixel, rear or clear camera lens. Other features include a touch pad, an advanced calendar, and calendar functions that are compatible with all major service providers including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. The realme gt master edition also supports Google Talk, making it perfect for travelers who are on the go.

While it is a standard sized cell phone, the RealMe GT is much larger and heavier than many others. At first glance, the dimensions of the RealMe GT may confuse consumers as it is listed as a Plus size cell phone but it is actually a standard sized phone that comes in either a black, blue or white design. The front camera of the realm is simply a capacitive touch pad that has one hot spot and is easily responsive. This phone comes with a slot for both an earphone and a speaker allowing it to be used as a portable phone. For those looking for extra durability, the RealMe comes with a wristband that will keep it from being damaged during extended use.

Like many other phones these days, the RealMe GT master edition includes a useful feature that allows users to remotely control the phone with the help of their PC or laptop. When the unit is powered off, the screen will lock so that only those within reach of the battery will be able to use the phone. This makes it easier for parents to monitor usage of the unit when they are not present.

The RealMe GT comes with four different colored skins that can be used with either black or white. Although it is relatively inexpensive compared to similar cell phones, it does have several advantages over them. For example, the RealMe GT includes two Quick Charge adapters which allow it to be charged up more quickly than other similar units. Additionally, it offers fast data transmission speeds, which make it far faster to send text and email than other similar options.

In general the RealMe GT master edition is a good choice for anyone looking for a mid-range smartphone at an affordable price. Its biggest shortcoming is that it lacks some of the features found on its closest competing models. However, this should not deter most buyers as the benefits it offers far outweighs this shortcoming. For those looking to buy a smartphone with an excellent balance of features and quality, the RealMe GT is one of the best options currently available.

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